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Black colored men dont love you past you skill for them that is the bitter realities

Black colored men dont love you past you skill for them that is the bitter realities

Flapjaw to your vehicle-pilot. Due to the fact we all have been the good one thing they have called you, that have to describe as to why the guy requires such as for example large advantageous asset of feminine in the music and you may video Anything to shine, otherwise ily features assisted him see his toxic records. Children full of dangerous eastmeeteast dudes, and you can women that lay can pollute a complete urban area

It’s your style of that offer their smelling mouth area so you’re able to disturb naija female nurses during the united kingdom getting matchmaking while a beneficial leech and a beneficial gigolo

This is actually the lay Nigerian dudes give foreign men once they wade abroad to help you dissuade overseas dudes out-of Fighting using them to possess Nigerian feminine?? hahah but at the same time they’ll certainly be a similar Nigerian guys cracking the backs to help you disturb Nigerian feminine and toast Nigerian feminine domestic and you may overseas. Give thanks to God I’m happily divested of black dudes and that i never day black colored guys because they all accomplish that issue. Carry on a public platform and commence downgrading their particular black colored feminine. In case a naija woman is going and you may wed oyinbo it is the basic first off yelling and you can weeping that the girl didn’t favor an excellent Nigerian people. Anywayssss

This is your type that render his smell throat so you’re able to interrupt naija female nurses within the british having relationship when you are an effective leech and good gigolo

Very Nigerian women can be starving. I reside in the uk however, I would personally never ever get married good Nigerian woman and you can render their particular right here. Brand new stories are all a comparable. Gold diggers…..bhs

This is your particular that provide his smell mouth so you can interrupt naija feminine nurses in british to possess relationships because you are an effective leech and you may a great gigolo

Broke-ass nigger! You are bankrupt for this reason your phone call feminine/naija female silver diggers. Cannot have the ability to participate and you can dominate such as the light guy, you hear? Pussy-butt nigga busy sleeping in his womanliness.

Naija guys are the most significant silver diggers in environment. having passport , lying, cheats, scammers,scammers, gigolos, glucose newborns. Naija women pls stop this type of smelling beasts called naija guys you to constantly want you to feed them pull all of them up, provide them with passports and you can pick oyinbo dudes you to recognize how to take head and offer. A phrase is enough on the broad

The latest stupid unknown having said that Naija female should go getting white guys was banging servant that have reasonable self confidence,you meaningless idiot will have fuel when speaking about Naija dudes when it is their master so now you would-be modest

It covertly despise you however, use one to make to have all of them, to bang all of them, to enable them to which have expenses in a marriage or matchmaking

An identical women who resulted in in which it re also today by hyping and you may runing once all of them on stage like they are goodness.

It’s your style of that will promote their smell lips in order to interrupt naija feminine nurses inside the united kingdom to own relationship while a leech and you can a great gigolo

It is a tip. stop dating for now. For the a poverty and you can named ridden nation instance Nigeria, women and men was bound to lie and you can cheat one a separate.

Sure the only real things Nigeria is perfect for try cum treat you need to be screwing all of them and you will ticket dem as much as immediately after you try in a position to possess relationship simply relocate to a different country and you may marry the fresh virgin

Hahaha when i give naija feminine to go out of black men alone they don’t must tune in to. Thisame ruger wey never ever strike become wil check out his shows and make use of naija feminine since props and work out their shows spoke from the towards social network, he’s going to pull female on-stage , reach all of them, moving on them n the. All in a forceful desperate bid to replicate rema . Now he’s got found the genuine method many naija men think of you Nigerian female. But if they’d the risk they might alternatively be with a different lady more your. We seen that it topic long time in the past letter that’s why We never bother up to now Nigerian men when i japa. Wizkid , burnaboy etcetera once they strike na light or overseas feminine they bring. Nigerian men gate black colored feminine!! In advance of you actually discuss davido, u can’t name one to miserable question a marriage, they are always shameful his Nigerian partner letter resulting in their unique aches holding global olosho allowing people exact same all over the world olosho so you’re able to laugh in the Nigerian women letter create jest away from Nigerian women claiming Nigerian guys favor them. In the event that Una for example Let this people blow all over the world thus they can continue to need replacing naija female and you can stain its photo overseas. Na you understand. Myself I’ve sha secured my oyinbo husband therefore i don’t need the good pr